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Dog Training in South Shields
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Your dog's your best friend, but that relationship is sometimes strained by their bad behaviour. Do you find that your dog is loud, messy, or destructive to the point where it's causing you a lot of upset?

You feel like you've tried everything - books, videos, recommendations from friends - but your dog still won't listen, and it's beginning to strain other areas of your life.

Thankfully at South Shields Dog trainer, we believe any issue can be solved with the right approach.

Our award-winning dog training can help boisterous pups chill out, fearful dogs feel more confident, and loud dogs use their indoor voice!

What Bad Habits Can A Dog Trainer Stop?

All dogs may, at some point, develop unwanted behaviours. We know you love your dog, but some issues like aggression, constant barking, and non-stop chewing can be emotionally upsetting and make your relationship stressful. Perhaps you'd like your dog to trust you more and listen to you when you call them. Or, you'd like to stop feeling so worried about how they may act when introduced to new pets or people.

Dog training can help a wide range of issues, no matter how severe or persistent. Whether your pup is young and needs help understanding basic commands, a rescue dog with behavioural problems that stem from their past, or your dog has been through a traumatic event and gets aggravated by certain situations.

We believe that all problems can be solved through a kind and personalised approach to dog training.

Dog Training We Offer in Wideopen

If you live in Wideopen and want to benefit from dog training that'll last your dog a lifetime, we can help! We offer non-forceful classes and courses to help train your dog. We can even provide personalised training on a one-to-one basis and even online. All methods are kind, compassionate, and recognise your dog's individual issues and personality.

Book Your Pup's Assessment

To learn more about dog ownership and to strengthen the bond with your furry friend, get in touch. We'd love to book you in for a one-to-one assessment so we can identify the best training approach for you and your dog. Book your assessment now, or give South Shield Dog trainer a call today.

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