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Does your dog have a "Conversation starter"?

You and your dog's small talk

A conversation starter is something that you ask from your dog to give your dog focus and confidence in a new environment. For nervous dogs, this could be a gamechanger! For any crazily excited dogs that love to run and run, this could create a masterpiece of focus! If you have a new puppy, this will help them feel right at home in their new area.

To find our conversation starter, you start by making a list of all the things your dog is brilliant and comfortable with. When you have the list, see what behaviour they love, what gives them confidence and what gets them to focus on you. If you don't think there is anything that will suit this, then dont worry! There are loads of websites that will show you how to create simple behaviours, such as paws up, pretty and middle.

Once you have your behaviour, any time you change areas, such as on a walk, in the vets or even in the pet shop, ask you dog to do this behaviour.

This is what we like to call a conversation starter; a behaviour they can do without skipping a beat or getting distracted.

Middle in the leas anyone?

Two feet up at the pub?

How about a rolly polly at the tile sheds?

Or just a lovely down in the park

These are a few of mine to get you thinking about your dogs amazing behaviours and once youve done this you can add to ditching your routine and taking it from inside to outside and starting the road to having a lovely confident and focused dog outside.

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