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3 Littluns and a biggun, reactivity all round!

Yesterday we started the day at South Shields beach with Rory the Blue Kerry Terrier. This breed has had a ton of jobs, from sheep herding to being police dogs, and even winning Crufts! Rory has a lot of unchanneled drive and really struggles with dogs and some people out and about but is doing a lot better! His focus on his owner and calm behaviours around other dogs are coming on great!

  • Robbie the Border Terrier is another high drive chasey dog who struggles around other dogs. His parents were both working line ratters and it shows! When he gets working, he’s mint but it still takes a little bit of time for him to warm up. Being a worker, he needs constant engagement and ways to channel his drive! The behaviour program is working nicely and change is starting to show!

  • Freyja the dog and person reactive Great Dane Puppy! This was like training a shouting horse, she’s big with a scary bark (which luckily I didn’t have directed at me!). She’s already had some training with 2 other trainers but needed a little more help becoming more confident around other dogs and people. For this, we have put a plan in place to first of all boost her food drive, give her more choice and teach her good stuff that happens around other dogs and people.

  • Finally, we have been dog training in Seaham, Durham with Bobby the Patterdale, another high drive, working line terrier! Like the others, he will bark at and lunge towards dogs and some people and traffic, and on occasion has redirected and bitten his owners. We’ve already had a couple of sessions and he is coming on great, with some lovely focused loose leash walking and much calmer responses to other dogs, mainly looking without the shouting!

These are 4 dogs that still have a way to go since training takes time, but all are showing some lovely behaviour changes for the better!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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