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Jaake has been in Gateshead again today to see Badger (8 month old Border Collie) for his 3rd session.

Badger has been in his new home about 3 months after his new guardians re-homed him.

Previously Badger had never received any socialisation and he had become quite reactive to other dogs and nervous around people he didnโ€™t know. He also struggled around traffic and was starting to chase shadows.

Badgerโ€™s owners are doing a wonderful job in exposing him to new experiences at a pace and a distance he is comfortable with. Badgerโ€™s socialisation and habituation is progressing nicely and he has even been able to visit a dog park on 3 occasions where he has been making new doggy friends.

We are also working on some obedience training with Badger which he is doing really well with. Badger is an absolute joy to be around and his training is going from strength to strength.

Well done team Badger.

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