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Oh, what a Monday afternoon!

Met up with Luna, Murphy, and Buddy for some training, and honestly, they're all smashing it in their own ways.

First up was Murphy, our little Jack Russell firecracker. This guy had a habit of barking at everything, but we've been working on getting him to focus more on his owner instead of everything that moves. In this session, he actually let me walk into the house without kicking up a fuss – huge win! He is rarely reacting to people and traffic now and we're now slowly working on getting him to chill around other dogs. Slow and steady with this one.

Then there's Luna, the cutest Staffy cross Shih Tzu you'll ever meet. She wasn't too happy about people coming through the door or the youngest family member getting too close. But we've taught her to keep her calm when the doorbell rings by sending her off to the garden for treats at the sound of the bell. And with a bit of guidance, the child and Luna are learning to understand each other better. Progress!

Last but not least, bonkers Buddy the Golden Retriever, who's just a big bundle of energy. He gets super excited around other dogs and people, but we're working on it. He's now able to walk past other dogs and people without turning it into a circus, which is amazing. Still, a bit to go on the calm greetings, but he's almost there!

Big shoutout to all the owners – you're doing an amazing job. Seeing the progress is just the best part of my day.

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