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A day with Rennes, Ted, Belle, and Winston

Today Rennes practiced walking to a heel in a popular dog-walking spot. He did his best to stay focused and was able to disengage from dogs within close proximity. We will continue to build Renne's loose lead walking in quieter areas for now and work on his impulse control and engagement with his owner. Great work!

Ted the dachshund is very in tune with his environment, which can make walking him hard when every sight, sound, and smell causes him to stop and fixate. We began rewarding him for looking with a "yes" and placing a treat down, before walking away from the interesting thing. This is a fun and easy way to get his focus back on the walk, and with enough repetition, it will become a habit.

Bulldogs Belle and Winston had their first training session today where we introduced recall and walking to a heel. We will gradually increase the distraction, distance, and duration at home, in a controlled environment, to help prepare them for the exciting and distracting outside World! I think they enjoyed all the cheese and sausages from today's training!

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