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Alfie the Reactive Jack Russell Rescue

You wouldn’t believe how often I got messages asking if their dog was too old to train.

The answer is usually that they’re not. Take Alfie here.

Alfie is an 11-year-old Jack Russell mix. His guardian recently rescued him from Oldies Rescue after he was fighting with the other dog in his last house.

We traveled up to Rothbury in Morpeth, Northumberland to help Alfie with his reactivity. This was anxiety-based and Alfie chose to keep dogs away rather than find out whether they were trouble or not, quite common with impulsive breeds.

We started building up his focus and calming him down, then did what we always do and started teaching him that good stuff happens when other dogs are around and that the good stuff comes from his guardians.

As you can see, within his first 1-hour session, he took this in his stride and was no bother whatsoever.

I got Chloe and Bella out and we started work. First, we got Bella out and started working, it took about 5 minutes for Bella (Black shepherd) to get up close with Alfie and they greeted nicely.

Next was Chloe's turn, she came out and instantly was up close with Alfie who had no issues whatsoever.

We then had several other dogs in the park running past, walking along, one even barked at him and he had no issues whatsoever.

Alfie and his new guardians did awesomely and since this session, he has had no issue with other dogs unless caught off guard by them.

Next, we need to look at his separation anxiety, which we have started with the ‘No Follow Rule’.

I’ll be back to see Alfie soon to check his progress.

Well done Alfie and Co

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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