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Amber and her Fear of Cars

Updated: May 7, 2021

Amber is a dog we have worked with for over a couple of months now.

Originally we were called in to teach some loose leash walking, but it very quickly became obvious that she was pulling to escape traffic.

We worked out this started after she got a fright by idiots riding past her on unlicensed dirt bikes through a field she was on.

We switched the plan and started working to desensitize her and counter-condition her to vehicles while working on her walking in quiet areas.

She’s doing awesome! She’s now happily walking along the path by the traffic at the Leas, which is full of fast-moving traffic.

We did this by giving Amber a choice with his close she goes and rewarding the good choices, but ultimately letting her control her situation and say when it was too much for her.

Amber is lush and has done brilliantly!

Well done Amber and Ken 🤩

If you are having a similar issue with your dog, book a FREE assessment call with us here.

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