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Angus the Reactive Malinois German Shepherd

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

We’ve been back to Newbiggin to see Angus who is doing AMAZING! 😍

Angus was MEGA reactive to dogs from really far away and reactive to people from across the road.

This time, there was no reaction at me at all, so we got Chloe out and did some work with him. We worked on Angus moving while Chloe remained still, Chloe moving while Angus remained still, and both walking parallel. We had a slight reaction to her when they stopped and we walked in front, so we put in a little more distance and gradually got closer again.

Angus is also improving his recall, even when distractions are there.

So pleased with how he’s doing!

Well done Angus and Co 🤩

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