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Another session with Bramble

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We were at Whitley Bay again to see Bramble the Border Terrier.

Bramble was quite reactive towards dogs from probably about 20-30 meters away before, especially if they’re running around like Jack Russells or similar type. She’s doing insanely well – she doesn’t bat an eyelid at the vast majority of dogs. She still looks at Jack Russells like she’s not entirely comfortable with them, but she isn’t reacting at them, she’s easily brought away from them and she’s doing really well, you can see it for yourselves in the video (check FB comments section or Instagram stories) where a Jack Russell is going past her and she’s quite happy to just look and look back for the food even though that Jack Russell was pretty close.

Bramble is doing mint, well done to her and her owners.

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