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Bella the Nervous cockapoo

Earlier this week we went back to see Bella the cockapoo.

Bella is a very nervous dog who is terrified of traffic. This stems from a lack of early socialization around normal everyday things.

Last time we did some basic confidence-building with her, this time we took her out to see how she was getting on.

Her main problem seems to be that if she doesn’t want to do something, then she digs her heels in and lies down until her owners come back to her and let her go back.

We discussed limiting her choices and rewarding her for the right ones, as well as where she was reinforcing her own fears with some of her behaviors and how to stop that from happening.

Once Bella learned the ropes and that her old behaviors to get her own way didn’t work anymore, she did great!

Bella has a lot of potentials and will definitely get there!

Well done little Bella and crew!

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