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Benji the Chihuahua with little man syndrome

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

We’ve recently been working with Benji the Chihuahua who had some aggression issues in the home, reacted at all traffic, cars and people and would guard items that he had.

Benji is a rescue in a new and loving home but has some issues that only a small dog would get away with.

Whenever he feels any pressure or any anxiety, he bites.

We’ve had 3 sessions since the last time I posted about him, when we went to see him at the earlier one his car reactivity had almost completely gone, now he sees a car coming and looks at his guardian for a treat.

The 2nd session was odd, he was exceptionally sensitive to touch and had bitten an awful lot. A few days before he had been to the groomers and was either in pain or still very stressed from it. The touch sensitivity was around one area (neck) so we sent him off to the vets who, although couldn’t see anything wrong, gave him some pain killers just in case.

The 3rd session, he was completely normal again, without being overly sensitive - so the painkillers worked.

It’s really important that if your dogs behaviour has changed, you get them a good vet check and it’s also important that vets understand the effect that pain, health and discomfort have on behaviour - up to 82% of behaviour cases have a health related element, according to Lincoln University.

We have enrolled Benji’s guardian onto a canine body language course to help understand his Benji is feeling and when he is uncomfortable.

Benji is doing really well and overcome a lot of his anxieties already! There’s still a little bit of work to do, but he has come on leaps and bounds in a couple of months!

Well done Benji and family!

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