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Big dogs of the day!

Back in South Shields, we were with Luna the Leonberger and Freyja the Great Dane.

Freyja was very anxious around people, and very anxious around dogs before but she's doing really well and doesn't show much anxiety anymore generally. At the minute she gets a little bit wound up when she’s around Luna when the other dogs are there because Luna wants to go and see the other dogs and gets wound up and then Freya gets wound up because she's not really that interested in the dogs and she doesn't really know what to do with them so, we're actually working with Luna to teach her to ignore dogs.

We’re teaching her that when she sees a dog, good stuff happens with a handler and to look back. When she starts doing that, Freyja is going to follow because Freyja tends to follow whatever Luna does.

This was the first time I've worked one-to-one with Luna, she has done our puppy class which she was great at so she’ll be no bother.

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