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Bonkers Darcy is making progress!

We've been working with Darcy (River's sister from the previous posts) for a while now. Although she's a very lovely and friendly dog, she's absolutely bonkers.

Outdoors, she experiences massive over-arousal bursts, barks at dogs and birds, pulls on the lead, and runs as if her tail is on fire.

We've previously worked on her loose leash walking, and she can do it well; she just needs some consistency, which can be challenging in a busy household.

Her reactivity is improving tremendously. She can now be recalled from chasing birds. In our session on Monday, Chloe and Bella came up close to her while she was in a long line (longer than the distance to them), and she completely ignored them. She also saw several other dogs and ignored all of them too.

A lot of training has gone into Darcy, and it’s paying off.

Well done to Darcy and her family!

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