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Border Terrier Monday!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Almost a full house of border terriers! Luckily they’re are one of my favourites!

We kicked off the day up in Northumberland with Suki the cat chaser. We are the 4th or 5th trainers for Suki, some of who have said to rehome him, used aversives, and told them to just avoid the cats…. there are 2 in the same house as him. Today was our 3rd session and we worked on recall, why not the cats? Well, there isn’t much of an issue there anymore, he even cuddles up to them and can be in the same room without batting an eyelid. His family has worked solid and it’s really paid off!

Next, we had Murphy the superstar Springer Spaniel in South Shields, his loose leash walking is coming on fantastic, and his recall is going amazing too, as is his work around dogs and not running over to them all, we saw plenty of dogs and were able to keep him nice and focused while disengaging from them!

Well done to both families, you are doing amazing and all your hard work is paying off!

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