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Bowser the XL bully is coming along amazingly in his training!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

He has very strong feelings about guests coming into the house and would often redirect this excited energy onto his mum by biting at her feet, barking, or jumping up at guests.

Today he was able to sit and wait away from the door whilst our trainer Bren entered the home and didn't greet her until he was given the release cue. He could then be recalled away by his mam and sit calmly. We then looked at loose lead walking to help reduce how much he pulls - so important with such a powerful dog. His mam has been putting in the work and it shows, well done guys!

Next, Bren went to visit Freddie, an adorable black labrador that loves nothing more than to steal items and have his parents chase him around the house. We worked on teaching a "drop" cue, where Freddie would be paid a treat for releasing the item, as well as a "swap" cue - which will teach him that there's a better toy he can trade with! Since Freddie loves a chase, we incorporated this with his recall cue. Now when his dad says "come here!" Freddie has to find him and catch up to get a treat.

Such fun!

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