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Bulldogs Belle & Winston

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Yesterday our Trainer Brenna went to see Bulldogs Belle & Winston to work on some boundary games.

We want them to sit at the top of the stairs when guests come to the house, to prevent them from running up and barking/escaping.

We started back chaining this behaviour - which means we start at the end of the routine (sitting at the stairs and reinforcing this behaviour) and work our way backward (doorbell rings). We have to reward each stage of the routine and repeat it several times before moving on to the next. Because the door being opened is associated with people coming to the house, we also have to desensitize them and reinforce the sit/stay on the stairs. Now the door opening means to sit on the stairs and mam will bring me some ham!

Keep practicing the distraction and duration and they will get it in no time.

Well done!

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