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Charlie’s Sniffari

Today was my (Jaake) last session with Charlie (an 18-month Lakeland Terrier x Cocker Spaniel).

Charlie is the coolest little dog ever, he also has a lot of energy which requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation.

We started working with Charlie because he was struggling to calm down in the house, mouthing quite badly, and stealing items on a regular basis. Charlie is not only the coolest little dog, but he is also super intelligent, so teaching him to go to his bed and settle was something he got the hang of really quickly. Charlie now has a really reliable drop and leave and he no longer mouths his owners.

We also focussed on providing Charlie with more enrichment and his owners read online about a “Sniffari” walk so that is exactly what we treated Charlie to today for his last session.

We took Charlie down to Ryton Willows (a new environment for him) and on a long line we allowed Charlie to explore and dictate the walk at the pace and in the direction he chose with minimal interaction from us. This kind of walk is incredibly enriching for our dogs and Charlie had an awesome time using his nose to explore the world, running through long grass, and even venturing into the water (something he doesn’t usually do).

Charlie also loves running over to other dogs which can obviously sometimes be problematic so we also looked at techniques to get him to stop doing this. Charlie didn’t disappoint with this either and he was ignoring other dogs in a recall.

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