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Charlie the Cocker Spaniel

Charlie the Cocker Spaniel originally would scream the street down if he seen a person or a dog. Last weekend was his third session, as his owners have been working hard implementing pattern games to help him process what's going on in the environment without fixating on different triggers.

We've pretty much cracked the people so this weekend we met at Cullercoats beach to give his owners the chance at practicing his new skills in a different busier area.

Charlie absolutely smashed it, we only had 1 bark at people that were siting down on the floor (which tbf different body position to what youd see walking in the street). We seen a few dogs and kept at a comfy distance away for him to see the dogs but not react. Next time we'll be focusing more on dogs, but for now well done Charlie & Co as done absolutely fantastic for for many people we seen!

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