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Dober Monday

Two Dobermans were visited by our trainer Jaake.

First up at Roker Beach was Sammy, a 3-year-old Doberman for her 3rd session. Sammy is the perfect example of what can be achieved with a committed owner.

We were called in to work originally on Sammy’s lead pulling and some other issues Sammy was having inside the home.

It quickly became apparent that Sammy was really struggling to walk in the environment she was being walked in which was causing her to pull heavily on the lead.

Sammy was also reacting to people and dogs outside of her home and near where she lives.

Sammy’s owner has worked really hard to desensitise her to some new environments away from the home starting at very quiet times and slowly building up to being around more people and dogs.

We have taught Sammy that seeing other dogs isn’t a bad thing, it means something good from her owner.

in this session at Roker Beach Sammy was able to enjoy a nice relaxed walk in close proximity to lots of people and dogs and even had a super appropriate greeting with a dog that approached her.

Sammy is also walking much nicer on the lead just by being more relaxed in the environments she is in. Huge well done to Sammy’s owner.

Next up Jaake headed to Newcastle to meet Luna, a 5-month-old Doberman puppy.

Luna (perhaps short for Lunatic) is an absolute whirlwind of a puppy but real good fun to be around.

Luna struggles with jumping up at visitors in the home, loose lead walking and no longer recalls to her owners.

In this session, we discussed all things puppy and ensured everything we are doing is going to set Luna up to succeed.

We started off with some engagement-building exercises, foundations for recall, teaching Luna that it pays to keep 4 feet on the floor, and practiced an exercise to prevent counter surfing.

Stay tuned to follow Luna’s progression.

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE


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