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Fantastic Frodo

Updated: Jan 30

Next up for Jaake at Herrington Park was Frodo, a 10-month-old Australian Shepherd Dog. Frodo is an amazing dog, and an absolute joy to be around.

This was our 4th session with Frodo.

Frodo used to struggle with frustration when he couldn’t approach or play with other dogs, getting himself worked up.

In previous sessions, we have worked on engage/disengage, impulse control, frustration tolerance, and also done some stooge work with one of Jaake’s dogs.

What a difference in Frodo during his latest session! When Frodo sees another dog now, he just automatically disengages from them. We lost count of how many good choices he made in a busy environment in close proximity to lots of dogs.

Frodo’s progress, though, is a testament to the amount of work his family has put in. Another outstanding session. Well done.

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