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Harvey the Terrified Lab

I’m so pleased with the progress Harvey is making!

Harvey was initially terrified to leave his house and garden and pulling towards home the whole time he was out. He was terrified of other dogs, from a huge distance.

We are gradually widening his circle, getting him comfortable in new surroundings and new dogs.

He now has a favourite place to go where he plays frisbee with other dogs and people walking past at a distance and gradually closing that. He has a dog friend he is now spending more time on walks with, and today we added to that with Bella. Bella is the perfect dog for him to meet on lead and mega focused on me, so happy to give him space where he needs it and doesn’t pay much interest in him unless he interacts first. Harvey was dying to play with her by the end and was happy playing frisbee around her.

These are huge steps for Harvey and he’s doing amazing!

Well done Harvey and co!

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