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Helping two more reactive dogs

First is Clover.

She is a German shepherd x border collie from South Shields. She can be quite reactive to people, she’s unsure of dogs, and she’s nipped a few people including her owners and a child in the house. We’ve had a few sessions with her so far and we’ve built that relationship up we’ve taught some basic behaviours like loose leash walking, started hand feeding her to get a bit of trust going and we’ve started counter conditioning to people. With her, we noticed that the road at the front was really overstimulating her because it’s really noisy and there’s a lot of traffic and it’s very echo-y, so we’ve avoided that road completely and trained elsewhere and given her a big break from that and she’s a lot better. She’s been down to seafront this morning, a load of people had gone past, she’s letting me get a lot closer to her than previously, I couldn’t get anywhere near her and neither could anyone else outside whereas now she’s doing really really well, she’s doing fantastic. So well done Lilly and Clover.

Next, we had Rick the Doberman from Seaham. This is our second or third session. He is majorly reactive to other dogs, one of the biggest distances I’ve seen, if he could see a dog, he was reacting to it. We got Chloe and Bella with about 7 meters of him this time and he did really well. His distance is starting to come down, and he’s getting a lot more focused, but he’s still got some big environmental lack of confidence issues. But he’s doing really well, he’s moving in the right direction, he’s getting much closer to dogs so that’s all good, he’s doing great.

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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