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Jaake has been working with 2 Labradors, Ted and Reggie.

This week, Jaake has been working with 2 Labradors that get very excited when out on a walk and both have a long history of pulling towards things they want access to.

Ted from Whitley Bay had his 1st session this week and we looked at some foundation exercises to get Ted to start engaging with his owners which he absolutely smashed. Ted is a super fast learner and will respond very well to the training.

Jaake has also been back to Gosforth to see Reggie and his family who have made amazing progress with his training. Reggie is walking very nicely on the lead now and his owners are engaging with him nicely on walks. When Reggie’s lead goes under tension now he is automatically reorienting back onto whoever is walking him. We looked at a couple of new ideas today to maintain Reggie’s attention and also looked at moving his training onto more distracting environments.

Reggie is also starting to ignore previous triggers that raised his excitement levels which were really nice to see during our session.

Well done everyone!

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