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Jasper the Reactive Border Terrier

Jasper is an awesome Border Terrier.

For those that don’t know, I have a Border Terrier cross Patterdale cross Lakeland who pretty much started my dog training journey. He was reactive to dogs after being attacked numerous times, he then bit several people. He’s now mint, no issue around dogs, and loves people, he even helps out on cases from time to time. Because of him, I now have a soft spot for these terrier breeds.

Back to Jasper!

Jasper loves people but has some issues with other dogs, although he does have some doggy friends.

Jasper seriously lacks impulse control, he reacts to other dogs from quite far away, which makes road walks impossible to train with.

We went to Jarrow park with him and he did fantastically. We started teaching him to focus on his guardian more, we then applied focus techniques with the context of other dogs being around which he nailed.

All was going well until we saw a dreaded CAT!!

This sent him loopy so we had to give him some time to come down off it.

We then got Bella out and got some good reps in.

Jasper still needs a fair bit of work, but will definitely pick this up in no time!

Well done Jasper and Co

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