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Last week’s sessions with Blue and Wilfred

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Blue The Miniature Dachshund. This was a follow-up session, few weeks ago we introduced toy play as his reinforcement when he sees another dog, we’ve been working on that, and today and he did fantastically.

Blue saw a tone of dogs and he only reacted at one, he saw motorbikes and a tractor, which he usually would react at and he did great. This time as well, now we've started giving him an outlet, he's also started taking treats when he's out on walks, which he wasn't two weeks ago so he's already doing really well. The future is bright for Blue.

Wilfred the Doberman is about a year and a half and we originally saw him back end of last year and basically, it was his last chance because he's eaten that many things and had to get cut open that many times that if he ate something again, they weren't going to be able to do surgery on him so he was literally on his last chance. We got all that sorted he’s been great. We worked on a few other things like being calm when people come over and not greedy for food and things like that. He picks everything up straight away.

I haven't seen them since January, but they asked if I could go and help with some loose leash walking because he started pulling on the lead when they were going to the beach. So gone, spent an hour with him and he literally picked it up in about 20 minutes. He's got some very nice walking. Wilfred is just Lush, no bother at all, he’s done really well.

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