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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Yesterday was Lola & Rollys fourth session, initially, Luna would get upset if the family separated on walks and would cry until everyone reunited. So far we've done some work on teaching Luna & Rolly loose lead walking so she would continue walking and focusing on who was walking her.

Yesterday we decided to push it a bit further and really put it to the test. Dad took the kids into the park whilst we stayed outside with mum.

We kept walking and reinforcing for heel and on the way back taught them to sit and wait before continuing. All whilst the kids plated the park.

Both dogs have done absolutely smashing and only had one cry out of Luna when she got bored waiting so we went back to heel and she snapped straight back into walking away.

in the next session, we'll be taking it on the road to generalise the behaviours to everywhere.

Well done everyone!

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