Lola the Car Reactive Border Collie

This week we were in dog training in Boldon, South Tyneside to see Lola the lovely little border collie.

Lola has a few issues going on, most stem from her lack of “switch off” training and her herding and chase drive being constantly engaged since being a puppy (ball chucking, trying to chase joggers, lots of dog - dog play etc).

Due to these behaviours, Lola is on our Reactivity Package which is perfect for stopping your dog bark at other dogs.

We have had to scale all her opportunities to rehearse these right back and give her plenty opportunities to relax and settle.

We have been teaching her not to lunge and spin at traffic, she previously had escaped the house decided to play with traffic, so this was a biggie.

We have taught her to walk nicely on the lead and focus on her owner, with cars way way in the distance. During this session, we started counter conditioning in a fairly quiet cinema car park, where cars move slowly and there’s a point A and a point B. We taught her that when there’s a car, we play catch with a ball. So now when she sees a car, she looks back for the ball instead of chasing.

We still have a long way to go here to get her walking along public paths, but she is certainly getting there.

Well done everyone involved 😁

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