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Louie The Land Shark

Updated: May 19, 2023

Today Jaake has been over in Hebburn and had the pleasure of meeting Louie (a 13-week-old Labrador puppy) and his family.

Louie’s family called us in as they needed a little help with his mouthing and wanted to make sure they are on the right track with his training.

Puppy mouthing is a really common issue new puppy owners face and it is often worse than people anticipate. Whilst it is normal for puppies to mouth it is super important that we teach them that it is not appropriate for their razor-like teeth to make contact with our hands.

Today we looked at ways to reduce the mouthing, ways to calm Louie down when he is super excited, and also the importance of identifying when Louie needs to sleep. We also started with some fun foundation exercises for training.

Louie is an awesome little pup and we will be back to update you on his training.

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