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Louis Caught Me Off Guard! Twice!

Read until the end to find out how!

Nathan had his first session with Louis the miniature poodle. Louis is a lovely pup but has an anxious side.

He has already done our Separation Anxiety course and is doing great with being home alone, he is a little anxious about people in his home and struggles with recall and other dogs, but the first thing that caught me off guard was his shadow chasing!

When there is a shadow or reflection of light from a watch etc he will bark at it and chase it. Often, this happens because they’ve played with laser pens when a puppy, so please avoid using them with your dogs!

We taught a solid recall that meant he was moving before he even thought about it, then we taught a marker cue so that we can start counter-conditioning to other dogs, he did fab with this and we can use a similar technique with the shadow chasing.

We saw a lot of dogs and put this into practice, along with teaching his owners what to do when he met other dogs and how to avoid them escalating and remove tension from a greeting.

On the way home, he caught me off guard again! He found a bone on the floor and the resource-guarding side of him came right out! They’ve already worked with a different trainer on this, but it still happens.

As this was right at the end of the session, we will be working on it in the next session and get them sorted!

Louis did fab in this session and aced everything we set out to, even if there were a few curve balls!

Well done guys!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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