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Luna the Workaholic Border Collie

Today we went back to see Luna the border collie.

Luna is an obsessive worker, she’s on the go 24/7 and can’t switch off. She wants to chase, stalk and herd - whether traffic, people, or dogs and she has absolutely no focus on her owner. When she can’t get there, she spins like crazy on the lead and barks.

We’ve started to change that, today we had done lovely loose leash walking close to traffic without reacting and spinning, we even had a jogger and several lorries go past.

There’s still an absolute ton of work to do with Luna to undo 2 years of being a dopamine junky but today we made some huge strides to calm her down and start the process.

As you can see by the picture, we actually managed to tire out a border collie by using mental stimulation

See you soon Luna and Co!

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