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Marni the Labrador: Training Triumphs

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Today's session with Marni, our energetic Labrador, was her third, and we focused primarily on impulse control. This skill is crucial, especially for a high-energy breed like Labradors, as it helps manage their natural enthusiasm and vigor.

Our strategy included a combination of exercises and management techniques. We used a variety of stimuli, such as toys and treats, to teach Marni to resist the urge to instantly react. Instead of jumping or becoming overly excited, she was rewarded for remaining calm and composed.

Marni showed significant progress, displaying more self-control when presented with her favorite stimuli. She still exhibits the inherent Labrador excitement, but it's coupled with a newfound patience and restraint which we will continue to develop over future sessions.

Today, we were thrilled with Marni’s progress, and we're excited to see what the next session brings.

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