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Mastering that recall

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Reggie the Labradoodle from South Shields. Reggie was a little bit reactive to other dogs. if they were within 2-3 meters, he could bark and lunge at them. He’s now doing much better, he can see a dog, he can look away and we only started that this session. Off lead though he likes to run up to all other dogs that he sees, even if they’re miles away, so we were doing some work on that with him, where basically he sees a dog, we wait until he looks back and then we mark and reward him for that, kept him on the long line to prevent rehearsal and he did fantastically. A dog ran up to him and we let them have a play, then other dogs that he saw, we waited for him to look and then marked when he looked back and he was just coming back for his treat, he did very well. His loose leash walking is coming on nicely as well so fantastic work from Reggie.

Georgie the Labrador from Killingworth. The first time I’ve seen Georgie in a while, we sorted her loose leash walking out and we sorted her reactivity to other dogs. She was just far too over-excited by other dogs and would react at them, now she’s not bothered by them. Her recall is a little bit hit-and-miss so this session was all about a recall, we introduced a recall cue and she’s recalling perfectly. She’s doing really really well, fantastic work, so well done Georgie and family.

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