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Meet Isaac, The most Handsome Pup!

This big guy is a very friendly, overly friendly puppy, who can be a little bit too boisterous with other dogs. Isaac runs up to other dogs, and then won't recall away from them, so he rarely gets let off the lead.

Being a German Shepherd, Isaac does need a lot of time to run around though, which can be a struggle. He also can react to other dogs when he gets too frustrated because he can't get there. And he also gets very stare-y with them.

What has previously been happening is the owners and Isaac have almost been getting into a fight over this. Isaac wants to watch and look at these other dogs. The owners are putting tension on the lead trying to pull him back and trying to manipulate him away from these other dogs. And this has been increasing the frustration on both sides of the lead.

What we've started doing is giving Isaac the opportunity to look at other dogs, and basically work out for himself what he is meant to do in that situation.

We've loosened up the lead when he sees the other dogs by taking a step closer to him, and then we've let him process that dog being there for as long as he needs to until he looks back at the owner. When he does, he gets a lot of praise, and a treat and is told that that behaviour is what we want.

Isaac isn't that food-motivated, so this method works really well.

We have introduced another pattern game that will get him turning back a little bit quicker, but this needs to be introduced at the house first for a couple of weeks before we take this live on their own.

Isaac and his owners have done really well today, and they have shown that this system is really going to work for them.

So well done guys, you all did fantastic!

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