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Meet Misty, a beautiful Spanish Mastin

Meet Misty, a beautiful Spanish Mastin who recently made the big move from Spain to the UK. Despite her size, Misty was incredibly scared of everything.

When she first arrived in Newcastle, Misty couldn’t leave the house. She wouldn’t wear a harness, and once a lead was on, she refused to move. Walks were out of the question. She needed help to overcome her fears.

We started by making her comfortable on the lead, beginning with a long lead and gradually shortening it. Misty’s reactions to people were extreme; she would pull away and try to escape when she was out of the house. To complicate things, Misty wouldn’t take treats outside and wasn’t interested in toys, so we had to use choice-based methods with gentle exposure.

Our method focused on teaching Misty that she could communicate her discomfort and choose to move away. By allowing her to have control over her environment, Misty gained the confidence to handle it. This same approach was applied to traffic. If she felt uncomfortable, she could signal to move away, and we would respond accordingly.

This was our last session, and Misty has made incredible progress. She’s settled into her new home, environment, and country. Thanks to our training and the owner's dedication, Misty now walks past people and stays calm around traffic without fear.

Well done, Misty, and her owner, Mickey!

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