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Milo and Maverick

Today I (Jaake) have had the pleasure of meeting Milo’s new best pal, Maverick (a 13-week-old Cocker Spaniel that has joined the family).

Today was our last session working with Milo and previously we have worked on his over-excitement around other dogs, mainly when they come into the family’s pet shop (Milo & Co). Milo has made great progress with this and his new brother will soon be joining him at work in the shop.

Our session today was all about appropriate play between the dogs and making sure Milo and Maverick’s family had a good understanding of what to look out for when the dogs were playing together. We also had a good chat about all things puppy and looked at positive ways to interrupt play when it was getting too rough.

Milo and his whole family have been an absolute joy to work with. Keep up the great work you are all doing. Jaake!!

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