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Milo the Cockerpoo

I (Jaake) have been back to see Milo, a nearly 2-year-old Cockerpoo, for his 4th session today.

Today’s session was slightly different as his owner asked if I would facilitate the introduction of Milo and a close family member’s new puppy. We had undertaken some work prior to the meeting to help set them up for success and both dogs were calm and relaxed throughout. Great job guys.

When I saw Milo last time he was very interested in chasing birds, running to the end of the long line. Milo’s owner has been working hard on building engagement and marking and rewarding disengagement from dogs and other things he fixates on. Milo had become a bit of a nightmare to walk. He is now walking nicely on a lead, ignoring other dogs and today in the hour we were there he showed no interest in chasing birds at any point.

I also learned that crows (or maybe just this one) are pretty awesome at catching cheese.

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