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Milo the Labrador

Jaake has been at Odin Valley Dog Park today to see Milo (2-year-old Labrador) for his 2nd session.

We were called in to work with Milo because he pulls like a train, and gets over-excited when out and about, even to the point he won’t take food as a reward. His owners also want to work on his recall.

When Jaake first met Milo it was apparent we needed to make changes to the environment in which Milo was exercised and use an outdoor environment (to begin with) that would be conducive to his learning.

Milo absolutely aced his training today, he was walking beautifully on a short lead, responded nicely to some recall training, and even had a bit of time for some impulse control work. Not only that, Milo was loving the treats he was being rewarded with.

A perfect example of the environment must be set up to suit the learner. Well done Team Milo, keep up the good work.

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