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Nahla the Human and Dog Reactive GSD

German Shepherd in Washington. We have been back to see Nahla the German Shepherd in Washington.

Nahla was struggling around people and dogs and would react at quite a big distance from them.

I believe that Nahla has some conflicted reason for reacting, initially it was out of fear and then she felt she was getting attention from her owners for it so continued.

She was previously taken to another ‘trainer’ who said to smack her when she reacted.... which obviously didn’t work.

We took her off walks for a couple weeks, built up her basic training and let her relax, then put her back into the real world but kept a pressure free environment while training continued and good choices were rewarded, and hey presto, reactivity is pretty much resolved.

It took 4 weeks to get here, so not long at all. We had her at the park and she was interacting with me with no issues and letting people and dogs walk straight past without any issues either.

There is still some training to do here to make sure it doesn’t come back but all in all, she’s doing awesome! Let’s face it, training never ends. Especially not with a German Shepherd.

Well done Nahla and family, you’ve all done Awesome

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