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Nahla the Reactive German Shepherd

We’ve been back to Washington to see Nahla and his family.

For those that don’t remember, Nahla was both dog and people reactive. They tried another trainer first, and an ex-dog handler in Washington that needs to find a new career. His advice was to slap her across the face when she reacted.

Needless to say, this didn’t work and his guardians had no intention of carrying on doing this.

Nahla needed help. She needed to learn that people weren’t a threat to her and she didn’t need to make them go away or show aggression towards them.

She picked this up super quick and there was absolutely no need to use any force, pain, or discomfort, which there rarely is.

We developed her relationship with her family, boosted her training and enrichment, gave her some time off then counter-conditioning.

This took hardly any time to stop the reactivity, and in this session, we really tested that. We took her for a walk around Washington Village during school pick-up time. There were people everywhere, dogs, joggers, and cyclists.

We had no issue with any of these. Nahla has even let strangers interact with her and gone over to some for attention.

Nahla and her family have nailed this training and they deserve a huge congrats for seeing this through.

Well done guys

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