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No Longer Nervous Nala

I (Jaake) have been back in Houghton Le Spring to see Nala and her family for their 4th session.

We started working with Nala as her family were concerned about how fearful she was of a wide range of things which included people (especially hands), cars, going outside, to name a few and worried she was being aggressive in certain situations.

After a few sessions Nala is much more confident, if anything too confident in certain situations , but her family are now well equipped and have the knowledge to provide Nala with the support she needs to navigate the things she is unsure of.

Today we were working on counter surfing which is a new skill Nala has learnt. We spent some time teaching Nala what we want her to do instead which was stay on the floor. Within a couple of minutes Nala quickly learnt what behaviour was going to be reinforced and what wasn’t.

Well done Team Nala, you are all a pleasure to work with!!

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