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Our trainer Jaake has been in South Shields to see Lexi the Labrador and Gateshead to visit Rosco

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

It was a day of 2 common training issues, loose lead walking and recall. First up was Lexi who can pull strongly on the lead towards a variety of things she wants to get to, people, dogs, different scents. In just our 2nd session Lexi was walking really nicely to heal both on and off lead. Her owners have done a fantastic job since our first session working hard on the foundations we put in place which really helped with the success we achieved today.

Rosco was up next. Rosco can be very distracted when on walks and gets over stimulated when out and about and his recall is unreliable. We looked at building engagement in our first session in an environment he is able to learn in which can then be transferred to more distracting environments. Rosco really responds well to all the training and we were able to get him to engage outside tonight on a short walk. Our next session we will be looking to build on our recall foundations in a more distracting environment.

Both Lexi’s and Rosco’s owners are doing a fab job with their training which was evident today. Keep up the amazing work.

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