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Over-Excitement Around Other Dogs

Jaake has been in Whitley Bay and South Shields today to see Tyson and Hudson. Two very different breeds but with very similar issues. Both dogs are extremely strong and get overexcited in the presence of other dogs, pulling towards them which makes handling them very difficult.

Firstly Jaake was over in South Shields for Hudson’s 1st session where we looked at some foundation exercises for loose lead walking and looked at how to build engagement. Hudson’s owners have already done some nice work with him and he is a super smart dog.

Jaake was then north of the Tyne over in Whitley Bay to see Tyson for his 2nd session. We looked at an alternative kind of walk for Tyson and how to correctly use a long line. It is important whilst we are training loose lead walking that both dogs aren’t practicing the pulling and this kind of walk gives their owners another option. It is also incredibly enriching for our dogs and Tyson was totally relaxed throughout. We worked on his engagement when out and about and in the presence of other dogs and he absolutely smashed it today. We looked at some nice activities to do with Tyson and he was disengaging nicely from other dogs in quite close proximity and choosing to engage with us instead. In Hudson’s next session will be doing something similar.

Both dogs are great fun to work with and they will come on leaps and bounds with their training.

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.


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