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Poppy the Cane Corso puppy

Earlier this week, we went to see Poppy. Poppy is a Cane Corso puppy, although you wouldn’t think that with the size of her!

This was one of those sessions where, to begin with, I was wondering why I was there. Poppy was one of the calmest dogs I’ve seen, dawdled along on the lead, stayed close when off lead, listened to most cues, etc.

It soon became clear that all of that goes out the window when she starts playing with another dog, even if the other dog tells her to get lost.

We started teaching her a reliable recall that we will go on to prove, that she has to ask permission before playing and we will then teach her when the other dog says no, it’s time to come away.

Poppy is a lush pup and I can’t wait to finish getting this 1 issue sorted.

Looking forward to seeing you both in class on Monday!

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