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Recalling Roscoe

Today was Jaake’s 6th and final session with Roscoe, an 18-month-old Cockerpoo.

We were called in to help as Roscoe had no recall and was super distracted when outdoors, to the point where he was totally disconnected from his owners, he wouldn’t take food and was really overstimulated.

We have been working on building Roscoe’s engagement and using techniques to get him to calm down in different environments. We have also taught Roscoe some new behaviours and worked on his recall.

Today we put our training efforts to the test and took Roscoe to a new environment with a wide range of distractions and he absolutely nailed it. He engaged with us, he was responsive to cues, he remained nice and calm and he was happily taking food. Best of all was his recall. He smashed it with a 100% success rate even recalling at lightning speed when he was fixated on a variety of distractions.

Roscoe and his owner have been a pleasure to work with. Keep up the hard work.

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