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Redefining Rocco: The Journey of a Ten-Stone XL Bully to Better Behaviour!

Today, my journey took me to North Shields, where I had the pleasure of meeting Rocco, a ten-month-old XL Bully. This hulking 10-stone fella is still growing! Rocco's challenge? He would get frustrated on walks, jumping up and biting his owners. This a trait that's somewhat expected with his breed, given their enjoyment of biting and lower tolerance for frustration.

However, we have begun the process of teaching him alternate behaviors. Now, he's learning to remain calm on his walks and focus on his owners without the frustration of being on a lead. From basic commands like 'sit' to honing his owners handling skills, we're taking a step-by-step approach.

The highlight? We got Rocco to follow his owners into a 'heel' position for a more controlled walk - and he did splendidly! Kudos to his owners as well, who have done a fantastic job improving their handling skills.

I'm excited to see the progress they will make in the coming weeks and am all set to revisit them soon!

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