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Reggie the Labrador

Jaake has been in Gosforth today to see Reggie and his family for their 6th and final session.

When we first started working with Reggie he had 4 different members of his family taking him for walks and all of them found it stressful to the point some of them no longer wanted to take him out. Reggie would pull strongly on the lead, react strongly to cats and take off chasing rabbits.

Reggie’s family is now able to enjoy walking him again and they have regained their confidence. They have put effort and hard work into their training and are now reaping the rewards. Reggie walks nicely on the lead, has a really solid recall, ignores dogs in close proximity, and chooses to engage with his family instead of chasing rabbits. His family also has several skills in their toolbox to get him to disengage from cats.

Reggie and his family have been awesome to work with. Well done!

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