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Revisiting Mani the Reactive Dog!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

We are a year on from when we worked with Mani, so we have been back to see him!

They had a couple of other trainers beforehand, one told them to stop letting him on the bed and the other put a slip lead on and said to yank when he reacts, which caused throat discomfort - remember, always make sure your dog trainer/ behaviorist is qualified.

Anyway, we taught Mani an alternative response to other dogs, which was to look away, when he did, he gets rewarded.

We also taught his guardians to read his body language, as he was okay with half the dogs and loved playing, but he had some very subtle tells when he wasn’t comfortable and was trying to get away from the dogs.

During this session, we even bumped into Rexy, another dog we worked with for his reactivity - originally, these 2 would have been worst enemies. They met, sniffed, and were happy to move on with no issues at all.

1 year on, Mani is doing fab and the perfect dog his guardians always wanted

Well done Mani and family, it was great to see you all again!

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