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Shadow the Nervous Doberman

Updated: May 16, 2021

Shadow the Dobbie

I have a proper soft spot for Doberman, they’re always characters! 🤣

She once escaped her lead and ran at someone barking and lunging, which is when I was called in to help. Since this event, her owner has been anxious about walking her.

Shadow has some good foundations, she has been working through some @absolutedogsofficial games and one of their programs so they have a strong relationship already which we can build on.

We started with some counter conditioning with people in general, which went perfectly. We then moved onto a garden where she hates and reacts to the dog inside - so we created a mutually exclusive behavior for that. Finally, we moved to the outside of her house, which is where shadow struggled the most - she did well however the focus of our confidence-building activities will be here.

Shadow is lovely, a very calm Doberman.

Looking forward to working with them again soon

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