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Some more from last week

Oscar the Collie/golden retriever/poodle cross is doing awesome. Originally he pulled a lot on the lead and was extremely hyper-vigilant, reacting at dogs and traffic. Now he’s lovely and focused and was able to work beautifully without any reaction around 3 of my dogs all within 2 meters. Awesome work

Maverick the springer spaniel was reactive to dogs and pulled like a steam train, he was doing really well but training has slipped a little so we’ve taken a step back and rebuilt some focus. He’s far less reactive now, so once we rebuild focus he will be awesome to walk!

Rosie the Westoe would react at dogs from around 10 meters, sometimes even further. We were now able to get her up close to greet my dogs without any issue getting there. Once there, she has no idea what to do, which is where her reactivity likely stems from - it’s better to avoid potential conflict than find out what will happen. We still have work to do here but she’s doing beautifully!

Kodi the black Labrador that was making his owner's life hell is getting much better. Since the last post, we found out he had some health issues that likely caused a lot of the bad habits, now they are sorted, we have started putting boundaries in place and teaching him that he can’t bite, mouth, chew and pester his owners 24/7.

Boo the patterpoo is doing well. Boo is reactive to literally anything that moves out and about and is now on anti-anxiety meds from her vet. She has some health issues which are really affecting her behavior and making her a really difficult dog to deal with, but she is now a lot calmer, a lot more focused and slowly following our process to stopping her reactivity for good.

Kaylee the German Shepherd. This was our first session with Kaylee, who reacts to people, dogs, and traffic. Her owners are awesome with training her so this will go super smoothly. We have built on her loose leash walking to keep her calm and focused and the will be teaching her an alternative behavior and that seeing these triggers mean awesome stuff happens. Kaylee is a fab worker and will do awesome.

Well done everyone and see you all again soon!!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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